Kunstberater Kurator Kunsthistoriker


The characters of the buyers are as diverse as the art market. Art is an expression of personality and often an integral part of life. As an art consultant, it is important to me to identify and understand the individual wishes of the client and to implement a customized art concept.

Shortly after my master’s degree in art history at the Humboldt University, I worked in various galleries in Berlin and Barcelona as well as in publishing. Most recently, I worked for several years as an art manager. Art consulting, the organization and realization of auctions + art events as well as artist support and the design of premises are part of my work repertoire.

To provide art lovers with the right work has always been the most beautiful part of my work. I have made the experience that people usually do not have the time to check the constant changes in the art market. Collectors also have problems with structuring and recording their works. This is exactly where I take action, so that you can enjoy your art without worries.

I offer you an exclusive service for your needs. The consultation is discreet, objective and personal. Benefit from my independence. I do not belong to any gallery, which is why the entire diversity of the market is at our disposal. Your interests and preferences are the main criteria to find the ideal works.

In a non-binding first meeting, we will analyse your ideas and then create a consulting concept.

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